Netsuke (1) - Ivoor - KAN-ZAN AND JIT-TOKU - Signature : Yoshi-Tomo - Japan - Edo Periode (1600-1868)

Netsuke (1) - Ivoor - KAN-ZAN AND JIT-TOKU - Signature : Yoshi-Tomo - Japan - Edo Periode (1600-1868)
Goede staat, zie beschrijving


Traditional representation of the duet Kan-Zan (standing and holding an unfolded scroll) an Jit-Toku (sitting and holding his broom in his right hand positioned on the back of Kan-Zan's legs.).

These two most probably legendary characters have become the symbols, one of meditation and of care of the spirit and soul (Kan-Zan), the other of materail care, always focusing on the body well being (Jit-Toku).

They have been associated often in japanese art with Bu-Kan Zen-Shi and his tiger, group of four called "the sleepers", often represented all four sleeping in a cave, and symbolizing the transcendental state of religious life and the abolute serenity of the Zen followers.

Signed Yoshi-Tomo on the base, in his traditional oval reserve.( see picture)


Late 18th century


28,3 gr




Good condition. A small missing part at the bottom of the scroll as shown on pictures. A few age cracks on the ivory

Please check pictures for global condition


French Private Collection JMA


1 - Catalog of the exhibition "Netsuke : the Japanese art of miniature carving": the Minneapolis Institute of art, 1998 : page 44, Inaba Tsùryù in his book Sôken Kishô published in 1781 mentions Yoshi-Tommo, from the Kyoto school, as one of the 54 major Netsuke artists of the period. Two of his netsuke were part of the exhibition (N° 78, pages 42/43 and 64, and N° 93)

2 - "Netsuke, a comprehensive study based on th M.T.Hindson collection" by Neil K. Davey, Faber and Faber ltd London1974 page 59 Yoshi-Tomo mentioned as a pupil of the great Yoshi-Naga with his signature and two examples of his work (see picture)


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Totaal aantal artikelen
Edo Periode (1600-1868)
Regio / land van herkomst
Titel kunstwerk
KAN-ZAN AND JIT-TOKU - Signature : Yoshi-Tomo
Goede staat, zie beschrijving
4,7×4,3×2,2 cm
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