Pierre Bayle - Historical and Critical Dictionary - 1733/1738

Pierre Bayle - Historical and Critical Dictionary - 1733/1738
Filosofie, Geschiedenis, Literatuur, Religie, Wetenschap (algemeen) - Aantal: 5

Pierre Bayle (Peter Bayle) - The Dictionary Historical and Critical of Mr Peter Bayle. The Second Edition. Carefully collected with the several editions of the first edition; in which many passages are restored, and the whole greatly increased, particularly with a translation of the quotations from eminent writers in various languages.

Folio (36 cm x 23 cm)

Second attractive and best English edition (first 1709), from the French first edition of 1697. 5 huge and heavy folio volumes (22 kg).

Hardcover (full leather). Titles in red and black. Contemporary calf, finely decorated

Spines beautifully restored. Quite clean inside with light scattered foxing. Finely printed with headpieces and wide margins. Portrait in volume one. It includes the preface to the first English edition and a Life of Bayle. A very good copy. With the library bookplate of Professor Desmond Morris. With wonderful 143 page index, and over 4000 pages.

The majority of the entries are devoted to individual people, whether historical or mythical, though some articles treat on religious beliefs and philosophies. Many of the more controversial ideas in the book were hidden away in the voluminous footnotes, or slipped into articles on seemingly uncontroversial topics.

The work combines biography, history, literary criticism, theology, obscenity, in addition to philosophical treatments of toleration, the problem of evil, epistemological questions, etc. It covers philosophy, medicine, history, biography, religion and all aspects of culture.

The most important and most influential sceptic of the late seventeenth century, Bayle provided the philosophers of the Enlightenment with a wealth of argument and ridicule with which to assail the intellectual 'Ancien Regime'. This, his major work, was composed with the intention of correcting the mistakes of Moreri's Grand Dictionnaire. For over half a century, until the publication of the Encyclopédie, Bayle's Dictionnaire dominated enlightened thinking in every part of Europe.

Includes an excellent biography by Mr Des Maizeaux, Fellow of the Royal Society, and a chronology.

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Filosofie, Geschiedenis, Literatuur, Religie, Wetenschap (algemeen)
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Pierre Bayle
Historical and Critical Dictionary
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Knapton Midwinter and others (London)
36×23 cm
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