Beperkte oplage, Edinburg Chess Club - Wood- Ebbenhout

Beperkte oplage, Edinburg Chess Club - Wood- Ebbenhout
Verenigd Koninkrijk - 1975-2000

Deluxe chess pieces in Edinburgh style, in traditional ebony and boxwood. This design originates from the famous Edinburgh Chess Club and it was very popular in the United Kingdom around 1800. This design is prior to the familiar Staunton look. The pieces are substantial in the hand and they are perfectly balanced. In many ways, they represent a dichotomy of tradition mixed with a geometric design that could be described as modernist. These Scottish model pieces were famous because they were used in the Irish and English championships in the first half of the 19th century. They are different from the English model in terms of the finishes of the queens.
Dimensions: 96 mm the king. 34 leaded pieces and with luxury billiard felt on the base. Perfect finishes, all handcrafted using the best woods in the world.
The display board is not included.

Beperkte oplage, Edinburg Chess Club
Wood- Ebbenhout
Geschatte periode
Land van herkomst
Verenigd Koninkrijk
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