Sochi Super Luxury Chess - Wood- Ebbenhout

Sochi Super Luxury Chess - Wood- Ebbenhout
Rusland - 1975-2000

The wooden chess is made of the most expensive wood in the world in a intense African ebony black. Super luxury chess for a grand tournament, Staunton 6 with horses that were crafted for hours by skilled craftsmen and cabinet-makers. Very colourful and with good weight and triple leaded. It has three leads on the base which helps for the pieces’ stability during the game. The championship pieces are perfectly designed and have all the details for the development of the game, including luxury anti-slip billiard fabric on the base. Get ready for a game of champions with this luxury chess of luxury, perfect for a classic room.
A wooden box is included in the lot.
Dimensions: The King is 91 mm
It also includes 4 queens and a vintage wooden box to store the pieces.
The exhibition board is not included in the lot, only the pieces.
Registered shipping and well packed.

Sochi Super Luxury Chess
Wood- Ebbenhout
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Uitstekende staat - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale gebruikssporen en tekenen van ouderdom
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