Hermès - Carré Hermès Musée di Philippe Ledoux, progettato nel 1992 Sjaal

Hermès - Carré Hermès Musée di Philippe Ledoux, progettato nel 1992 Sjaal
Meerkleurig - Zijde

Shamelessly chic, Hermès scarves are accessories which do not lose their charm. On the contrary, they gain charm with the passage of time, because there is a timeless elegance in vintage which is refined and less ostentatious.
The first themes of Hermès scarves were those dear to the maison: horses, military enterprises, the great events of history, civil life, as well as references to fashion and the beautiful Parisian world.
At the behest of Robert Dumas two important illustrators of the time were hired, Hugo Grygkar (considered the father of the Hermès scarves) and Philippe Ledoux, who, inspired by the objects still preserved in the Hermès museum, created with their skill and creativity and thus succeeded in making this little object even more fascinating.  To those two illustrators, we owe the creation of some of the most famous and sought after titles by all collectors and fans of the world: Musée in 1962, Napoleon in 1963, Lettre de Napoleon in Murat in 1947, Victorie A and Victorie B respectively in 1948 and 1949 just to name a few.

The carré has hardly been used, in very good condition, no imperfections visible to the naked eye.
Measurements: 90 x 90 cm (approx.)
The label was lost when it was dry cleaned.
Carefully packaged in a box, not original.
Tracked shipping via SDA, Bartolini, DHL or UPS.

Carré Hermès Musée di Philippe Ledoux, progettato nel 1992
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