Copalli - Barrel-Rested & White - Single Estate Organic Rum - 70cl - 2 flessen

Copalli - Barrel-Rested & White - Single Estate Organic Rum - 70cl - 2 flessen
Rum - 42%, 44%

Copalli - 1 Copalli barrel rested & 1 Copalli white rum - 0.7 Ltr - 2 bottles
Rum - 44%, 42%

Recently the debate has been reignited among those in the know about adding sugar to rum, with experts focusing their argument on the fact that it’s not done with any transparency. Organic rum production is no picnic, but the company’s eyes are on the prize: its sugar-free Copalli Barrel Rested Rum. Copalli from Belize has adopted a pro-active approach on the added sugar issue, aimed at ensuring that the rainforest’s infernally screaming ape population ingests precisely as much sugar as its rum; namely none. This principled attitude means the rum is produced with no chemicals, artificial flavours or colour additives for an organic sugarcane spirit made from 3 simple ingredients: sugarcane, rainforest water and yeast. This golden rum is concocted in pot stills before spending several months in oak barrels that previously housed bourbon. – A small step for the environment, but a giant leap for drinking culture!

Type drank
Distilleerderij / merk
Naam / editie
Barrel-Rested & White - Single Estate Organic Rum
Aantal flessen in het kavel, anders dan 1
Volume op etiket
Alcohol %
42%, 44%
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