Susanna Cornelia Henriette de Vries (1867 - 1942) - Portret van een vrouw

Susanna Cornelia Henriette de Vries (1867 - 1942) - Portret van een vrouw
Pentekening - Handgesigneerd - 1890

A so far unpublished painting by the artist Susanna Carolina Henriette de Vries. She painted during her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam 1886 - 1890. The title of the image is unknown. The painted object was a model. The material used is ink on thick paper. This is the response to the demand of the today still existing Academy in Amsterdam. The image can’t be found in any archive or at any auction. Other images from this time are already registered in the database of the Academy.

Other, also later images (mostly watercolours) by the artist de Vries can be found as far as in the United States and also an auction at Sotheby's brought in a considerable price.

The image here was bought from an art dealer in the 1950s in Trier, although it is unclear to the Academy how the image came to Trier. The other possibility is: the picture has been framed there and remained with its owner, or in my family until today. The frame is intact, just as the image.

Susanna Cornelia Henriette de Vries (1867 - 1942)
Titel van kunstwerk
Portret van een vrouw
In zeer goede staat
Verkoop met lijst
18×24 cm
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