Zogno Luca - La fatica nei campi

Zogno Luca - La fatica nei campi
Olieverf op doek - Handgesigneerd - 2015

Scene of country life by impressionist painter Zogno Luca from Brescia.

Without any doubt the artistic approach of this great painter from Brescia deepens the artistic influence of the 19th century, which continued until the first decades of the 20th century. The Venetian landscapes start from 18th-century echoes dear to landscape painters, first of all Canaletto, while the seascapes, with that typical performance of the Neapolitan school, are often characterised by painted realities where they live, recalling for example Inter by the artist Nicolas Decorsi. Further affinities such as the 19th-century school of Piedmont and Brescia (Molteni Valli Zampighi), the Orientalists (Guadagnini Rovetta Amos Ferrari) and the typical visions of magical Realism with the movements of the Cagnaccio di San Pietro and Telemaco Signorini allow Zogno new examinations of the world of the past in relation to everyday life to express pictorial feelings of nostalgia that ‘make you want to go inside to go for a walk’.
A very good investment for the future.

Zogno Luca
Titel van kunstwerk
La fatica nei campi
Olieverf op doek
In goede staat
Verkoop met lijst
50×70 cm
Totale afmetingen
50×70×2 cm
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