Perfect Moldaviet, tektiet van meteorietinslag. Geen chips - 2.2 g

Perfect Moldaviet, tektiet van meteorietinslag. Geen chips - 2.2 g
Krater in Duitsland, exemplaar in Tsjechië

Moldavite glasses formed 15 million years ago during the impact of a giant meteorite in present-day Nördlinger Ries. Splatters of rocks that were melted by the impact cooled and most fell in south Bohemia - traversed by Vltava river, in German: Moldau, hence its name. They are a type of tektite and impactite.

The specimen offered in this auction is a wonderfully shaped moldavite that can be enjoyed with light on the back or naturally. It has a perfect sculptural shape without any broken part (no chips).

Weight: 2,2 grams.

Certificate of authenticity included. Box included.

Packages are usually sent the morning after the auction. Shipping is combined in all my listings - if you win multiple items, only one shipping cost is paid.

Do not miss this opportunity!

Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Perfect Moldaviet,
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
tektiet van meteorietinslag. Geen chips
2,2 g
Oorsprong (Regio/Stad)
Krater in Duitsland
Oorsprong (Land)
exemplaar in Tsjechië
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