Les pionniers du nouveau monde T6 - Tableau huile - couverture originale - La mort du loup - (1990)

Les pionniers du nouveau monde T6 - Tableau huile - couverture originale - La mort du loup - (1990)
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Canvas: ‘Les Pionniers du Nouveau Monde’ Vol.6, ‘La Mort du loup’, oil.
- Dimensions in cm (width, height): 23 / 30.

Exclusive sale of sketches, original illustrations and albums with dedications from the author’s archives. Each lot is signed (usually in pencil) by J-F Charles.

Regarding this artwork, Jean-François Charles explained:
‘Working with oil takes time, because it requires several passes to dry. And yet, I got my hands on it, laying the groundwork for a weekend. The size of this canvas is reduced, because when the impulse comes to me, I need to take action immediately otherwise my inspiration may leave. So I sometimes take the first thing in my way, a little small canvas which I intended for another drawing in this case’.

‘This oil on canvas marked the series ‘Les Pionniers du Nouveau Monde’, it is one of the two most emblematic covers. With Maryse, we were very interested in this James Wolfe character who is at the centre of this album. We went to his birthplace, in Westerham, Kent, where he is buried and where we found his house and the imprint of this bivalent character, horrific for people from Quebec, while he remains a hero in England. Poor in health, insecure, he was seasick, and came from modest backgrounds. He wears a black armband because he lost his father during the Quebec War. I found him very endearing with his face which was a little childish and not the typical English one. Incidentally, I understood better the character he was while copying one of his portraits. We tried to render all this in the comic book’.

‘La Mort du Loup’ is both the death of James Wolfe of course, but also, miles away, the enigmatic encounter between Billy and a very special wolf.

‘This painting is special because it remained in my workshop and then in my house for years. I often reworked it, especially regarding the eyes, even after the first publication’.

‘I would often look at it, and then I would take it out of the living room. I would add a few things before hanging it back on the wall. So it changed quite a bit over the years. Letting a job rest for months or even years allows to identify something which used to be an issue without being able to place it. Sometimes it is just a tiny brushstroke. They say Turner was still adding some elements to his paintings as visitors were on the doorstep of his exhibition. Everybody does that, add an element while we are about to hang the painting. In this case, this painting remained in the family for my years, because it is probably one of my favourites’

Several posters of this canvas have been printed, at different stages of its realization (please check the comparison between the original cover of the album and the current canvas on the pictures).
For the buyer to compare the different versions of this painting, a poster of the very first will be included.

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Les pionniers du nouveau monde
Tableau huile - couverture originale - La mort du loup
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Charles, J.F.
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