Primal voorouderbeeldje - Luba - Democratische Republike Congo

Primal voorouderbeeldje - Luba - Democratische Republike Congo
1e helft 20e eeuw - Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage

17 x 4 cm.
Provenance: Family of colonists, former Zaire - brought back in 1960, collected in Kabalo.
Family inheritance.

Luba art is a royal court art. Many objects are related to the sovereign, whether these are effigies or daily objects of prestige, such as stools. In both cases, we find feminine representations. The woman is a central theme in this major art of the D.R Congo.
The woman is celebrated for her ability to give birth, from generation to generation, ensuring the continuity of the kingdom and the ethnic group.
Here, the kneeling woman is holding her generous breasts which will feed the Luba people, metaphorically.
The hairdo is divided into three parts, it is finely chiselled, like the rest of the face.
Ventral scarifications enhance the navel, which is also a symbol of filiation and progeny.

Cf. Luba, M. Roberts.

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Tags: mask, figurine, sculpture, figure, statuette, wood, art, contemporary, first, primitive, tribal, African, antiquity, artwork, gallery, Picasso, Giacometti, art gallery, African art, cubism.

Primal voorouderbeeldje
Regio / land
Democratische Republike Congo
1e helft 20e eeuw
Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
17×4×0 cm
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