18 karaat Geel goud - Halsketting met hanger Corallo - koraal

18 karaat Geel goud - Halsketting met hanger Corallo - koraal
Maat: 43cm di lunghezza - Totaal gewicht: 3,80 g

Beautiful necklace with pendant made in 18 kt yellow gold.
The chain is Venetian link model, is 43 cm long and weighs 1.80 g, while the pendant, depicting a bunch of grapes, measures 3 cm in length and 1.6 cm in width, for a weight of 2.00 g; in total, the item of jewellery weighs 3.80 g.
The bunch of grapes pendant, made by hand, depicts the typical leaf of the plant very realistically, while the grapes are made with beads of coral.
In crystal therapy, coral is a perfect talisman for going to rebuild new lives, improving the present and, above all, not staying stuck in the past but setting out in a new direction. This is with regard to both work and romance.
Wear it around your neck when you need some luck at work. It is considered an excellent amulet for artists and more generally, for those who need to find inspiration.
Precious stones are commonly treated to intensify their colour and clarity. This particular item has not been tested in this regard.
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Halsketting met hanger
Geel goud
18 karaat
43cm di lunghezza
Totale Gewicht
3,80 g
Uitstekende conditie - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale tekenen van slijtage
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Natuurlijk (onbehandeld)
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