Corneille - Auvers sur Oise

Corneille - Auvers sur Oise
Lithografie - Handgesigneerd - 80 - 2008

Guillaume Cornelis van Beverloo alias Corneille (1922-2010) - Auvers sur Oise (Bleu)
Lithograph on strong paper.
Numbered 61/80, signed and dated 2008 in white pencil The signature is slightly erased.

34.5 x 27.5 cm
Very good condition.

The painting depicts the artist’s house. He was, in fact, buried in Auvers-sur-Oise (France), close to the grave of Vincent Van Gogh. This is one of the last works by the artist, who died in 2010. This explains the trembling signature. A collectible item for connoisseur.

Tracked international parcel. Given the weight of the box when shipped in flat position, the shipping fees may be higher.

Carborundum consists of silicon carbide grains of various sizes which keep the ink.
The main feature of this technique is the achievement, thanks to the carborundum grains, of a more or less intense embossing of certain parts of a line or surface on a metal plate.
Unlike the usual processes, it primarily consists of adding material whose main quality is to resist the high pressures exerted by the press during printing (carborundum, synthetic varnish or both at the same time) to a flat, rigid surface, rather than removing it.
Inking is the same as for traditional intaglio techniques.
A primary advantage is the ability to produce a large number of prints in one go.
One of the qualities, and certainly not the least important, is the ease of implementation of the process, which does not require the use of products such as acid or engraving skills.
Obviously, one cannot compare this kind of work to a classic engraving, but it produces effects which are impossible to obtain through the regular processes..

Titel van kunstwerk
Auvers sur Oise
Zo goed als nieuw
34×27 cm
Totale afmetingen
34×27×34 cm
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