Baltische barnsteen - cognac antiek olijf - tijgerpatroon - 1920 Königsberg - 100% natuurlijk en niet geperst - 177,75 ct - Zeldzaam.

Baltische barnsteen - cognac antiek olijf - tijgerpatroon - 1920 Königsberg - 100% natuurlijk en niet geperst - 177,75 ct - Zeldzaam.
Maat: 60,5 cm - Totaal gewicht: 35.55 g

Antique reddish brown 'cognac' women's necklace with tiger texture.
Single-strand necklace, the oval olives taper in size.
Individually knotted on very fine silk cord.
100% natural and untreated amber.

Expensive, antique, Baltic amber in reddish brown 'cognac'
German Wikipedia: antique, variants clearly differentiated in hues between dark red and brownish red of varying intensity due to weathering.
Natural amber in reddish brown 'cognac' - no heat-treated imitation.
In daylight, artificial light or sunlight this necklace always looks reddish brown "Cognac".
The amber of this necklace retains its colouring because it is made of the same type of raw amber as Ruby Red, but less weathered, so it is lighter than Ruby Red, but will darken further over time.
The unique marbling of this type of amber is best visible under UV light.

Amber classification: 1AAA succinite
Origin: extinct "amber tree" (Pinus succinifera)
Place of origin of amber: Samland, peninsula in the eastern Baltic Sea.
Place of manufacture of the necklace: Königsberg, East Prussia
Age of the amber: 40-50 million years
Gemstone: selected Baltic amber
Age, origin: 1920s, Germany
Total weight: 35.55 g.
Total length: 60.5 cm.
Central amber-olive: 2.1 x 1.6 cm.
Olive left and right of the central olive: 1.9 x 1.4 cm each.
Smallest olive at the clasp: 1.2 x 0.9 cm.
Colour: reddish brown 'cognac' (light ruby red)
Cut: Original Königsberg olive cut.
Total number of amber pieces: 37 oval amber - beads (olives)
Clasp: spring ring.
Condition: perfect colour and age-appropriate perfect condition.
Unique piece: yes.

Private sale from family ownership.

Each olive bead only differs slightly from the others in pattern and colour, as they all originate from the same location.
Despite this, each bead is unique in its patterns, tiger pattern and play of colours.
Depending on the light conditions, the amber stones show a different and interesting play of colours in the same colour spectrum of all olives.

Guarantee of authenticity:
Unconditional guarantee regarding the authenticity of the amber.
The amber on offer is guaranteed to be 100% genuine Baltic amber that is natural and untreated.
Contains no additional materials, adhesives, synthetics, varnish or anything similar.
Not pressed or melted down, each bead was polished from a single piece of amber.

Conducted amber tests:
Characteristic pine resin smell upon heating.
Floats in salt water and sinks in fresh water (see photos).
UV light shows the typical amber colour and typical marbling of original antique amber.
The unique marbling is also best visible under UV light, which can also be found in the raw stone in this type of amber.
Static charge:
Electrum, colloquially also called ‘Baltic amber’.

Normal daylight, partially with sunlight.

Test images:
Precision scale,
UV light
fresh and salt water pictures.

Insured shipping with DHL including tracking number starts at €7.49 within Germany.
New and original DHL shipping box.
Multiple layers of soft, secure packaging.

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1920 Königsberg - 100% natuurlijk en niet geperst - 177,75 ct - Zeldzaam.
Baltische barnsteen - cognac antiek olijf - tijgerpatroon
60,5 cm
Totaal gewicht
35,55 g
Uitstekende conditie - nauwelijks gebruikt met minimale tekenen van slijtage
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