Griekenland (oud) - Thessalie, Pharsale. Unité AE, c.424-405 av J-C.

Griekenland (oud) - Thessalie, Pharsale. Unité AE, c.424-405 av J-C.
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Specimen on a flan centred on both sides.
Beautiful head of Athena. Pretty reverse in a fine style.
Beautiful green-black patina.

metal: bronze
diameter: 17 mm
weight: 5.68g

Towards: Head of Athena facing three-quarters of the way,
with a triple-crested attic helmet and shield
Reverse: Thessaly rider galloping to the right, holding
a whip over his head. ΦAPΣA.

Cf : Rogers 500 var.

Pharsale is one of the best known cities in
Thessaly because of Caesar's victory over
Pompey in 48 BC The city had been built on
the slopes of Mount Narthakios on the shores of
the Enipeus forty kilometers from Larissa.

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Griekenland (oud)
Thessalie, Pharsale. Unité AE,
Jaar / Periode en Variatie
c.424-405 av J-C.
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