Giorgio De Chirico (d’après) - La Sibille

Giorgio De Chirico (d’après) - La Sibille
Lithografie - Facsimile handtekening goedgekeurd door de nalatenschap - P.A

Giorgio Cherico (1888-1978) (after)

 La Sibille - Chromolithograph - Numbered - Signed - Blind stamp - Titled
Size: 70.5 x 50 cm
Image: 56 x 40 cm
Signed in facsimile.
Numbered: P.A.
Blind stamp: Giorgio Inimitable.
In very good condition. Please look at the pictures carefully.
The original work dates from 1917 (see photo).
The original lithograph dated from 1969.
The offered lithograph is from the 1980s. Re-print.
Sent by international mail with tracking.

Interpretation of "Disturbing Muses":
This painting was painted by De Chirico, the pioneer of the surrealism. This painting depicts two mannequins placed in an empty square with a castle and a factory in the background. The painting is constructed by respecting the traditional organisation of perspective of space, which is not usual in the surrealist movement. The image is built around a duality between classical modernity and technology, between a dreamlike reality and the illusion of dreams.
These two models, a man and a woman, are to be viewed as part of the painter's childhood. His parents owned a fashion house where many sewing mannequins scared Chirico, who was then a child. They stand out, in the empty web of man, as the only subterfuges of the human being. They also represent the two pillars of classical modernity, the individual and universality. They can also be perceived as the heroes of the past absent in this empty and deserted city of humanity. They are surrounded by heterogeneous objects (boxes, tees, rulers) that mix with symbols evoking ancient Greece. The drapery, the column plinth, the shield, transform these mannequins into ruins or ancient statues. The mannequins are redundant in these metaphysical works and symbolise the reflection of the unconscious.

Born: 10th July, 1888
Volos, Greece
Died: 20th November, 1978 (with 90) Rome, Italy.
Nationality: Italian
Profession: Painter
Education: Academy of Fine Arts, Munich.
Movement: Metaphysical painting, Surrealism (until 1925)
Patrons: Emilio Bestetti
Father: Evaristo de Chirico (d)
Siblings: Alberto Savinio
Spouse: Raissa Calza

Giorgio de Chirico (10th July 1888, Volos, Thessaly, Greece - 20th November 1978, Rome, Italy) was an Italian painter, sculptor and writer whose works, unanimously admired by the surrealists until 1925, were then equally unanimously rejected. He is one of the founders of the metaphysical painting movement.
Worldwide fame. Exhibited in the greatest museums in the world.

Titel van kunstwerk
La Sibille
1960-1969, 1980-1989
Facsimile handtekening goedgekeurd door de nalatenschap
Zo goed als nieuw
Totale afmetingen
70×50×70 cm
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