Gaetano Gandolfi (Manner of) - St. Peter

Gaetano Gandolfi (Manner of) - St. Peter
Olie op papier op paneel - Ongesigneerd - 18th century

Offered for auction is unrestored, 18th century excellent quality artwork, which actually could be a real Gandolfi and in my opinion, needs to find its way back to Italy.....

Prof. Francesca Fedeli from Fedeli Restauri has seen high qaulity pictures which i send to her by email. She and her team believes in the possibility that this painting was actually made by Gaetano Gandolfi (1734-1802, Similar studys from Gaetano have sold around 200 K). They proposed to me to further investigate & test the Art work in the laboratory (at costs) and additionally to find a buyer for it. I never responded to this email, since i don't live in Italy and i am not sending this possible valuable painting without any leverage to people i never met. The email will be shared upon request to the one buying this painting, so she/he might take over from there.

In the left you can see that the paper has been torned in the past and has been restored there. I was told this is perfectly normal for studys around that period because they were actually used a lot by the artists themselve.

The frame is from a later date, is has an auction label with a written reference 1700 and Lievens, but i doubt that this is the case. Never the less i will leave it there, perhaps it is of value after all the the buyer.

Provenance is hard to get, what i found out that it was bought several years ago by a company who buys complete households, It is from a Diplomat house in Den Haag who left this country and simply decided to leave everything here and sell it for 1 amount. I was told this happens more ofter with DIplomats, not being able to take their households with them.

After payment the art work will be packed good and send to you ensured.

Gaetano Gandolfi (Manner of)
Titel van kunstwerk
St. Peter
18th century
Olie op papier op paneel
Over het algemeen in redelijke staat met ouderdomssporen
Verkoop met lijst
6 kg
48×40 cm
Totale afmetingen
69×61×7 cm
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