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Oud-Romeins Marmer Hoofd van Hercules Circa: 1e voor Christus tot 100 na Christus

Kavelnummer 32115529

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Cultuur: Oud-Romeins
Materiaal: Marmer
Object: Hoofd van Hercules Circa: 1e voor Christus tot 100 na Christus
Eeuw / Periode: 100BC
Staat: Goede staat, zie foto

A fine and authentic masterly carved ancient marble Head of Herakles represented by a middle-aged man. His features are severe and powerful, denoting a strong character. The aged hero depicted with curly hair and a full beard, with a small mouth below a thick moustache, a large nose and a ridged brow, his almond-shaped eyes with articulated lids.

In Greco-Roman ancient history Herakles is the personality one can see and identify so frequently on the ancient Greek vases, paintings or sculptures sometimes he is depicted wearing a lion skin. Ancient writers disagreed as to whether the skin Herakles wore was that of the Nemean lion or another from a different lion, which Herakles was said to have killed when he was 18 years old. The playwright Euripides wrote and mentioned that Herakles' lion skin came from the grove of Zeus, the sanctuary at Nemea.

Herakles is a most famous hero in Greek mythology and perhaps also in all classic antiquity. His name comes from the goddess Hera and the Greek word Kleros (Gloria), meaning (the glory of Hera) In consideration of many, he also has been the son of Zeus and Alceme, a mortal queen, foster son of Amphitryon and great-grandson of Perseus on his mother’s side. At birth he was given the name of Alcaeus or Alcides, in honour of his grandfather. This very word evokes the idea of strength. It was as an adult that he received the name with which he is known, imposed on him by Apollo through the Pythia, to indicate his condition as a follower of the goddess Hera. In ancient Rome as in western Europe, he is better known as Hercules, and some Roman emperors, Commodus and Maximian among others, identified with his figure.

His extraordinary strength is the most important of his attributes, but he is also known for courage, pride, a certain candour and formidable sexual prowess. He is also considered to be the forebear of the kings of Sparta, and this was one of the reasons for the dissemination of his legend and cult, making Heracles the Dorian hero par excellence. There are many stories in mythology about him, the most important one is that of the Twelve Labours of Herakles. The stories in which he has the leading role form a cycle which is constant through all antiquity and for this reason it is difficult to give a chronological or even a coherent exposition of them.

Height: 15 cm (Height with custom wooden stand is 25 cm) Weight: 2.8 kg
Condition: Is good (Intact as a fragment). The face surfaces have suffered some weathering and natural abrasion including the tip of nose. The marble has over all smooth yellow patina, with brown stains (from soil?) on the face, hair, neck, and beard. (Pl. See images for more details)

Provenance: Ex private old dutch collection. Acquired in 2007 Current property of (The seller).
Note: The buyer of this lot will also receive a letter of certificate of authenticity issued by the seller along with.

Note: The seller of the lot hereby guarantees that this object is obtained legally. He guarantees that he is entitled to send this lot. He will ensure that any required permits will be arranged. The seller will inform the buyer about it when it takes more than a few days.

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    Super item !! And good service !! Great doing business with you
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    user-be15fb0 24 januari 2020

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    Thank you !
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    Although you are very patient in making
    But it’s still true that it’s a fake.
    You can't
    Mark it as a historical product from 750 to 1174 AD
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    user-88f7a78 15 juli 2019

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    Very unfair, on which base you saying this all? that artifact is undeniably of the period and condition.


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