Muminia-masker - Juri - Democratische Republike Congo

Muminia-masker - Juri - Democratische Republike Congo
Midden 20e eeuw - Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage

26 cm.
Wood, pigments.
Provenance: Family of colonists, former Zaire - brought back in 1960, collected in Kama around 1940-1960.
Family inheritance.

This Muminia mask comes from a southern Lega group, given the stylistic elements that we can observe, which are quite atypical. The bicoloured patina and the crenellated nose bridge are rather characteristic of other ethnic groups, like the Kumu, located nearby.
This flat mask was not intended to be worn on the face, but was tied to an initiatory panel or worn on the hand during the rites of the Bwami.
Young people would gather in a camp outside of the village, to be initiated by elders. Moral values, necessary to live in society, were taught to them.
A little beard is still attached to the mask.
Ancient wood.

Cf. Secrets d'ivoire: L'art des Léga d'Afrique centrale

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Regio / land
Democratische Republike Congo
Midden 20e eeuw
Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
26×0×0 cm
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