Jyeshta- klassieke meerschuimen pijp met passende koffer - 1

Jyeshta- klassieke meerschuimen pijp met passende koffer - 1
Turkije - Na 2000 - Als nieuw - ongebruikt

Have you ever smoked Meerschaum Pipe?

Meerschaum is a very unique mineral, a kind of hard white clay.

Meerschaum is a hydrous magnesium silicate; its technical name is sepiolite. It is found in veins or naturally occurring in the small city of Anatolia.

The pipe itself is a natural filter that absorbs the nicotine. Due to its unique character, you will have a cool and soft smoking experience.
More interestingly, meerschaum pipes slowly change their colours to different tones of gold and dark brown, it will add more enjoyment to smoking pleasure.

There are other couples of reasons preferring meerschaum pipes,
Firstly, Unlike briar pipes, Meerschaum never burns, it means you don’t need pre-smoking for good quality smoking pleasures, and you will get it even at the first smoking.

Secondly, your pipes are made in Eskisehir, in which you can reach the highest quality of meerschaum in the world only in this small city of Turkey.

Thirdly, your pipes are handmade crafted by meerschaum masters who have more than 30 years of experience in carving meerschaum.
You will get the exact meerschaum model shown in the pictures with its boxes.

Furthermore, if you wish you can add some custom changes such as making us write your name.l

ı use tnt express service for shipment.

I am here for you, please don’t hesitate with your questions.

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Jyeshta- klassieke meerschuimen pijp met passende koffer
Na 2000
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Als nieuw - ongebruikt
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