Warrior Mask - Nyabwa Bété - Ivoorkust / Liberia

Warrior Mask - Nyabwa Bété - Ivoorkust / Liberia
1e helft 20e eeuw - Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage

33 cm.
Provenance: private collection, Belgium.
Detailed information about the provenance shall be transmitted, upon request.
Wood, leather, tapestry nails.

The Bete are a group of farmers who live in the southwest part of Ivory Coast. Only the western Bete are known to have a tradition of wearing masks during ceremonies.
Of a warrior origin, but also part in solving conflicts, this sacred mask is worn accompanied by amulets, which protect the carrier of his power against witchcraft.
It is in order to reinforce his power through the practice of customary justice that these masks are provisioned to the chief.
The facies with a style similar to that of the Dan, is decorated with long protrusions in the form of claws. As for the forehead, it is strongly extruded and is subject to a beautiful work of decoration.
Bete war masks are arguably part of the most impressive and aggressive objects of African art.
There is a small missing piece on one of the protrusions, but it is not disturbing.
Very lovely patina of wear, we can note traces inside, due to the repeated wearing and use of this mask over the decades.

Cf. Trésors de Côte d'Ivoire: Les grandes traditions artistiques de la Côte d'Ivoire, F. Neyt.

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Track & trace included.
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Warrior Mask
Regio / land
Ivoorkust / Liberia
Nyabwa Bété
1e helft 20e eeuw
Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
33×0×0 cm
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