Apple - Apple Cube G4

Apple - Apple Cube G4
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This is one of the nicest computers Apple ever made. It is a fully specced Apple cube with a 128Gb HD. It is fully functional and comes with the adaptor. The plexi is in good condition with minor scratches. The keyboard, mouse and screen are NOT included but demonstrate that it clearly works. The slot loading cd drive reads disks as can be seen on the images but the mechanism is slow in releasing the disks and requires attention.

All in all a wonderful piece of technology for a collector!

Announced in July 2000, the PowerMac G4 Cube introduced a dramatic new case design. Housed in an 8x8x8 cube, the G4 Cube combined the elegance of the iMac with the power of the PowerMac G4. The G4 Cube was a foray into the business market, as well as an answer to those who wanted an iMac-like machine, with more choice in monitors.

Apple Cube G4
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