Samuele Ventanni - Introiezione gialla

Samuele Ventanni - Introiezione gialla
Gemengde techniek - Handgesigneerd - 2015

Samuele Ventanni.
“Introiezione gialla'”.
Mixed media on jeans canvas.
Cm 41 x 41.
Year: 2015.
Unique work.
Artist’s authentication on photo.

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He was born in Umbertide in 1986. He attended the Gubbio art school in the Architecture field. Since 2007 he has been exhibiting in major cities in Italy and abroad. Samuele Ventanni’s poetics is written on chromatic counterpoints and on a music score. The polyphonic language proposed by him speaks of an aesthetics in which paintings are alive because they are bright shapes, free of moving in the environment. Movement, colour, time and space are the essential concepts of his art. He expresses the intention to go beyond painting and sculpture in creating an item significant in itself. Shiny, stunning, beautiful. Light brings out the whiteness of the pearly white which, being vivid, draws many optical effects along the wavy movements that the surface of the artwork offers, when it opens towards the surrounding space. The canvas is the only interlocutor, caught in the provocation of numerous extroflexions, masterfully built by the artist through the application of nails, ribs, wooden shapes from the back, on which jeans fabrics are then meticulously applied. The result is the elegance accompanied by the ideal of pure and simple beauty. Samuele Ventanni builds pictures in continuous motion, outlined by the interaction between matter and light. Light plays a key role because it makes the substance of the artworks perceptible.

Review by Luca Alinari.
Samuele’s paintings are made, designed and felt to capture, harness, and fix rays of light.
The complicated construction which already starts from the installation of the canvas on the stretcher is not accidental but a trap, conceptually well planned to modulate the surface with natural or artificial light rays. In fact, the emotion that Samuele’s paintings convey come from this moderateness, from this “capture”.
Capturing light, then, but capturing the lack of light. Capturing the dark.
It is a very high point in Samuele Ventanni’s research.

Samuele Ventanni
Titel van kunstwerk
Introiezione gialla
Gemengde techniek
Totale afmetingen
41×41×6 cm
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