Collectif - Nouvelles Annales des Voyages - 1819/1844

Collectif - Nouvelles Annales des Voyages - 1819/1844
Naslagwerken, Natuurlijke historie, Periodieke publicatie (Kranten & Tijdschriften), Reizen, Topografie - Aantal: 99

Nouvelles Annales des Voyages, de la Géographie et de l'Histoire, ou Recueil des relations inédites,... With intaglio maps and plates, published by Messrs. J. B. Eyriès, Malte-Brun, Klaproth, and others. Paris, Librairie de Gide Fils, 1819-1844.
From Volume I (1819) to Volume 84 (1839), for the First, Second and Third Series, and from Volume I (1840) to Volume IV (1844) for the Fourth Series. A 99 volumes set in very good condition.

The "collective" of geographers who made most of these contributions, travel accounts and geography essays, consists of men such as Barbié du Bocage, Darlymple, Eyriès, Humboldt, Klaproth, Langlès, de La Renaudière, Saint Hilaire, Sonnini, Ternaux-Compans, Vivien de Saint Martin, Walckenaer,... travellers, explorers and scholars who, through this publication, erected "geography" as a science.

Rare and precious collection of 99 yearly volumes of this sought-after periodical linked in half-sheepskin, flat spines adorned with gilding, gilded title and volume numbers. The set contains more than two hundred maps (several folding ones) and engraved plates (some coloured) all clean and in very good condition. This abundant and scientific illustration makes its incomparable richness and documentary value.

Missing: Vol. 8 (Oct.-Nov.-Dec 1820) and Vol. 73-76 (the four 1837 Volumes). Otherwise, complete with the many maps, engravings and plates (one is missing, partly torn, in Vol. 82). Condition: very good overall condition, very clean interior, without foxing; hardly ever, if ever, read. Leather missing from the headcaps of Vol. 37 and 39 (see photos), hole to the spine of Vol. 7 (photo), otherwise headcaps, tailcaps and joints in perfect condition.

This periodical, published quarterly, replaces from 1819 (after a four-year hiatus) the Annales des voyages, de la géographie et de l'histoire, a series published by the same Conrad Malta-Brun from 1807 to 1814. These two series represent in themselves a moment of the history of science, and of the history of geography, that is quite unique: the consciousness of a geographical collective in the making takes shape and is expressed publicly. It was in this publication, which will cease in 1870, that the main explorations of the 19th century were published.

Weight: approximately 45 kg.

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Naslagwerken, Natuurlijke historie, Periodieke publicatie (Kranten & Tijdschriften), Reizen, Topografie
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Nouvelles Annales des Voyages
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Duits, Frans
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205×135 mm
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