Alberto Zamboni - Per tutte le destinazioni

Alberto Zamboni - Per tutte le destinazioni
Houtskool op papier - Handgesigneerd

The black background was added because it’s framed glass on glass in order not to have any reflections, as per last detailed photo.

Alberto Zamboni was born in 1971 in Bologna, where he still lives and works.
He graduated at the Accademia Belle Arti di Bologna with a dissertation on Magellan’s travels, showing the main events in an imaginary way through the reading of A. Pigafetta’s logbook.
He immediately started his pictorial activity with a particular attention to some impressions suggested by reading of old travels.
Now his painting is based on atmospheric research, which is highly inspired by the readings of G. Simenon and H. Melville in recent years.
He collaborates with several galleries in Italy and abroad, and in addition to painting he has an interest in the world of illustration. His paintings are oils on canvas, and represent imaginary landscapes in which a fairy-tale story is evoked through a luminous atmosphere, linked to the need to focus on the concept of enchantment.

Alberto Zamboni
Titel van kunstwerk
Per tutte le destinazioni
Houtskool op papier
Zo goed als nieuw
50×70 cm
Totale afmetingen
65×2×85 cm
Verkocht met lijst
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