Verzameling vruchtbaarheidspoppen - Cauris, Hout, Kralen - Namji / Ashanti - Kameroen / Ghana

Verzameling vruchtbaarheidspoppen - Cauris, Hout, Kralen - Namji / Ashanti - Kameroen / Ghana
2e helft 20e eeuw - Uitstekend

Excellent collection of African fertility dolls of the Namji (Cameroon) and Asante (Ghana) ethnic groups.

The Namji tribe is famous for their wooden dolls carved with geometric features and adorned with necklaces of beads of various colours, snails.

The dolls in the hands of the young Namji were used to play and to ensure their fertility, they are considered the most beautiful traditional dolls in Africa.

The doll, which was frequently given from mother to daughter, must be given a name, fed, spoken to, and most be carried tied on the back to wherever the girl goes.

The village´s sorcerers often rub it onto the belly of the mother-to-be to help while delivering.

The akua’bas (2nd from the right) are worn by young pregnant women who want to bring healthy babies into the world or want to become pregnant, always on the back, as the desired child. Far from being a toy, it represents the child’s dependence on the mother.

When the baby is born they place the akua'ba painted with white clay in a shrine as an offering and souvenir. They can also be stored at home, then the akua'ba wears clothes and jewels, and hairstyles are carved along the edges of the round head or at the back. Some akua'ba have scarifications on the face, not for identification or for aesthetics, but for the spirits not to take them. Families that have lost many children make small marks on the cheekbones or temples of the survivors to fool the spirits, who love handsome children, thus avoiding to be brought back with them to the world of spirits.

The total height (including the stand) of each of the dolls is 39, 35, 26, and 26 cm respectively.

Verzameling vruchtbaarheidspoppen
Etnische groep / cultuur
Namji / Ashanti
Regio / land
Kameroen / Ghana
Cauris, Hout, Kralen
2e helft 20e eeuw
Verkocht met standaard
39×10×7 cm
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