Louis Leroy - La medecine curative...Charlatanisme Demasque...Maladie vénérienne... - 1821

Louis Leroy - La medecine curative...Charlatanisme Demasque...Maladie vénérienne... - 1821
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Le Roy, Louis. La Médecine curative, ou la purgation dirigée contre la cause des maladies, reconnue et analysée dans cet ouvrage.

bound with

La Médecine curative justifiée et prouvée par les faits.

bound with

Charlatanisme Demasque, ou la Medecine Appreciée a sa Juste Valeur... par un Ami de la Verité et de l'Humanité.

bound with

Maladie vénérienne.

One thick 12mo, bound in stunning contemporary long grain red morocco, smooth back adorned lovely frames and motifs, the front cover with Mr de L'Alhacar's name in gilt. Beautiful copy.

Includes etched portraits, then xvj-378 pp., 8 pp., 12 pp., 264 pp., (1) leaf., Vj-340 pp.

Ninth edition of the first work in which the "surgeon-consultant" Louis Leroy claims to cure most diseases by purging.

Third edition of the unmasked Charlatanism in which the author denounces the "maneuvers [of the doctors] who base their hopes on human infirmities" instead of applying his methods.

Really fascinating collection. In 1820, the surgeon Louis Le Roy published his book with the portentous title 'La Médecine curative prouvée et justifiée par les faits ou recueil de pièces authentiques, constatant de nombreuses guérisons opérées par la Médecine curative du Chirurgien Le Roy, dans tous les cas de maladies, même réputées incurables ou mortelles'. The book went through many editions and drew immediate criticism. It promoted the use of purgatives for a very wide range of illnesses, and Le Roy, a very able contrarian and self-promoter responded to each and every attack.

First developed by an officier de santé, Jean Pelgas (1732-1804), whose portrait appears in the book, it was promoted by his son-in-law Louis Le Roy (1766-1842) who gave the purgatives their name. They were manufactured by the Paris pharmacist Cottin, who was Le Roy’s son-in-law. A family affair then.

The purgatives have been described by Matthew Ramsey (in 'French Medical Culture in the Nineteenth Century', ed. La Berge and Feingold, 1994) as the ‘best-known and probably the most destructive pharmaceutical specialties of early-nineteenth-century France’. Elsewhere, Charles Rosenberg has argued that their popularity was that they worked: the purgatives purged. The debate has yet to be fully analysed – it spread to England, the US, Spain, Italy and Germany.

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Esoterie, Geneeskunde
Auteur/ Illustrator
Louis Leroy
La medecine curative...Charlatanisme Demasque...Maladie vénérienne...
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Publicatiejaar oudste item.
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Paris, Nicolas Vaucluse
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