2017 Beaune 1°C "Bressandes" (1)-2017 Beaune 1°C "Teurons" (1)-2017 Beaune 1°C "Marconnet" (1) / A.Morot - Bourgondië - 3 Flessen (0.75 liter)

2017 Beaune 1°C "Bressandes" (1)-2017 Beaune 1°C "Teurons" (1)-2017 Beaune 1°C "Marconnet" (1) / A.Morot - Bourgondië - 3 Flessen (0.75 liter)
Rode wijn - Frankrijk

With an area of ​​1, 27 ha, this plot located in the middle of the hillside looks to the Southeast. Its soil has a good balance between limestone, silt and clay.
A former owner would have given him his name: a canon of the 13th century, Johannis Bressand. The climate of the Bressandes d'Aloxe-Corton would have belonged to three old girls from Bresse.
The wines are of great finesse and are revealed in the mouth by a frank flesh, dense and velvety present.

This plot of 67 acres is located at the top of the hill and looks to the southeast. It enjoys a limestone soil mixed with silt, sand and clay.
This climate extends on both Beaune and Savigny communes. This name comes from Marcomans (lat marcomani or men of the border), a West Germanic tribe existing until the fourth century; this type of Germanic declination is frequently found after the invasion of the Franks for names of rivers around Beaune. It appears in literature in the form Marconain in 1270 and Marconnay in 1294; a stream thus took its source in this locality.
Compared to certain grands crus, its wines have the distinction, power and aromatic complexity.

Located in the middle of a hillside with a South-East exposure, this one-hectare plot has a mainly limestone soil complemented by a good balance between silt, sand and clay.
The name Teurons or Theurons could come from Turno meaning small elevation of terrain, topographic variation actually existing at this locality.
Deep in color, these wines are often complex and powerful; they have a beautiful balance and express all their richness.
They will happily accompany your eggs in a sauce, meats in sauce, game birds or pressed cheeses.

Rode wijn
Producent, naam van de wijn
Beaune 1°C "Bressandes" (1)-2017 Beaune 1°C "Teurons" (1)-2017 Beaune 1°C "Marconnet" (1) / A.Morot
Aantal flessen
Flessen (0.75 liter)
Bordeaux type fles, vulhoogte uiterste top van schouder
Conditie label
Volledig intact, leesbaar etiket
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