Julius Keilwerth - Silver Chromatic 2 Octave Metal Xylophone - Professionele Lyra

Julius Keilwerth - Silver Chromatic 2 Octave Metal Xylophone - Professionele Lyra
Zeer Goed - Aantal items:7 - Inclusief: Professionele Lyra - Lyra, set stokjes, harp, lederen draagtas

A beautiful silver coloured Lyra, Made by Julius Keilwerth (JK). It is a big chromatic xylophone with the same lay-out as a piano keyboard (2 octaves C1 - C3)
This is a professional very heavy weight instrument with nice thick steel bars which have a very warm and long sustaining sound. Very Jazzy!

Can be played while walking or just lay it down flat. 1 set of sticks(new) included. The sticks have one side with wooden balls for a sharp attacking sound, and on the other side there are rubber balls, for creating an extra mellow velvet-like sound. Comes in a beautiful and strong white leather carrying case.

Instrument: Professional Lyra Chromatic 2 Octaves Xylophone with 25 steel bars
Tuning: Normal (A=440)
Scale: Chomatic (C1 - C3)
Instrument Weight: 4.1 kg
Instrument Size: 72 x 45 x 7 cm (with harp)
Included: 1 x Lyra, Steel rod, Harp(*), 1 x Set of 2-sided Sticks (new), Leather carrying case
Total Size in Case: 75 x 52 x 11 cms
Total Weight with Steel Rod and Carrying Case: 6 kg 600 gr

(*) the Harp did not seem to fit the screw hole perfectly. In the Closeup pictures you can see that I added a thin piece of plastic to make it stay on secure.

As you see in the pictures: The Lyra is in very good condition, Some light Marks. Please have a look at the very sturdy wiring System that holds the bars in their place and at the thickness of the bars: A professional and very well maintained instrument with fantastic sound and perfect tuning.

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Julius Keilwerth
Silver Chromatic 2 Octave Metal Xylophone
Type instrument / item
Professionele Lyra
Zeer Goed
Aantal items
Lyra, set stokjes, harp, lederen draagtas
6,6 kg
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