Trilobiet - Schaal - Erbenochile erbeni

Trilobiet - Schaal - Erbenochile erbeni
DEVOON (358,9 - 419,2 miljoen jaar) - Marokko

Erbenochile trilobites are extremely rare, they appeared in the Lower Devonian and crossed the Middle Devonian. This specimen was found at Jbel Gara el Zguilma, south of Foum Zguid.

Erbencochiles have distinctive multi-lens turret eyes. The eye lenses of this specimen are extremely well preserved. The genial and axial spines are devoid of matrix and detach, giving the trilobite movement. The tribolite measures about 1.95 inches long, 1.45 inches wide and 0.6 inches high. The matrix with the tribolite measures about 3.85 inches long, 2.85 inches wide and 1.55 inches high.

The specimen will be mailed in its own plastic container, screwed to the base to secure it. Therefore, there will be two screw holes on the underside of the sample. These do not in any way interfere with the integrity of the sample.

Wetenschappelijke naam
Erbenochile erbeni
Geologisch tijdperk
DEVOON (358,9 - 419,2 miljoen jaar)
In goede staat
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