Chekos'art - L’odio - Vincent Cassel style

Chekos'art - L’odio - Vincent Cassel style
Acrylverf op paneel, karton 120gr - Handgesigneerd, met certificaat. - 2020

Silk-screen printed stencil & spray.
Optical technique.

Unique piece.

Chekos art.
He was born in 1977 in Lecce, a small town in southern Italy. He moved to Milan at the age of 13, and there he grew up in the graffiti underground of the Milan old school.
Graphic artist, muralist and street artist, he works in the field of urban art with a strong personal style. His works can be admired among the city districts and along the roads of Italy, Poland, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Spain. Thanks to his natural xenophilia, he also painted on the walls of Xiemen (China), Yogyakarta (Indonesia), Tetovo (Macedonia), Valona (Albania) and more.
He actively participates in many festivals, exhibitions and art projects in Italy and abroad.
His murals attack the strong social contrasts, representing “paths of historical memory” - through giant pictures of faces, symbol of the urban spaces where he works. From popular icons to the great masters of the past, Chekos’ art leaves indelible marks, aiming not only to upgrade the grey areas of towns but also to communicate with the new generations.
In 2012 he founded the 167/B Street workshop. A physical space dedicated to art that, starting from the outskirts, is intended as an always-changing exhibition centre.

* Certificate of Authenticity included.
* Perfect for collectors.

Titel van kunstwerk
L’odio - Vincent Cassel style
Acrylverf op paneel, karton 120gr
Handgesigneerd, met certificaat.
50×35 cm
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