Suruku-masker van Koré - Bambara - Mali

Suruku-masker van Koré - Bambara - Mali
1e helft 20e eeuw - Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage

46 cm.
Former collection France - brought back by a French colonist who had worked in Mali between 1949 and 1957.

There are six initiatory societies of great importance among the Bambara. The latter teach the understanding of everything related to nature and in the reach of human beings. The Koré society is the ultimate one, the one we can only reach after a long apprenticeship which aim is to get rid of the Wanzo impurity.

The Koré itself includes eight classes of initiates, symbolically related to social categories, with their respective emblems. Objects of Bambara art are strongly related to agrarian rites. Very beautiful ancient piece.

Cf. L'âme de l'Afrique, S. Diakonoff.

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Suruku-masker van Koré
Regio / land
1e helft 20e eeuw
Vintage - gebruikt met zichtbare tekenen van slijtage
Verkocht met standaard
46×0×0 cm
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