Gemengde minerale partij Veel verschillende items - 10,5×2×10,5 cm - 3582 g - (49)

Gemengde minerale partij Veel verschillende items - 10,5×2×10,5 cm - 3582 g - (49)
Verschillende landen / zie objectbeschrijving

A nice composed, large lot of many very exotic and interesting specimens. Most specimens have the original labels. On request I can provide labels for the rest. Carefully selected (49 specimens):

2 x Snakeskin agate (polished); Oregon, USA
2x rare (strong UV reaction!) Hackmanite crystals ; Davis Quarry, Ontario, Canada
2x Conichalcite on matrix; Gold Hill mine, Utah, USA
2x Malachite; Kalukuluku-mine, Haut-Katanga, D.R. Congo
6x Strontianite (phosphorescent!); Pontault-Combault, Seine-et-Marne, France
4x Ironstone matrix (from Boulder opal); Queensland, Australia
2x Citrine (tumbled/polished); Brazil
6x smoky quartz (tumbled/polished)
4x amazonite; (tumbled/polished); Brazil
2x aventurine (tumbled/polished); India
Ocean Jasper (all around polished); Madagascar
Turkoois on matrix; Germany
Galena and baryte; Morocco
Very rare "Rainbow Pyrite" aka Spectro-Pyrite; Volga river, Russia
Red Vanadinite and white baryte; Morocco
Prehnite cluster; Mali
Purple fluorite with calcite; Santa Eulalia Mining District, Chihuahua, Mexico
Calcite (scalenhedral) on matrix; San Giovanni mine, Sardinia, Italy
Rhodonite rough; Madagascar
Rhyolite agate; Teufelskanzel, Saarland, Germany
Epidote cluster; Balochistan, Pakistan
Chalcopyrite on matrix; Germany
Fuchsite; Africa
Cracked geode (with quartz and calcite); Mexico
Septarian nodule (cut and polished); Atlas Mountain, Morocco
Variscite; Utah, USA
Descloizite and calcite cluster; Erupcion Mine, Los Lamentos, Chihuahua, Mexico

Size range: 2 - 10.5 cm


Aantal items
Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Gemengde minerale partij
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Veel verschillende items
10,5×2×10,5 cm
3582 g
Oorsprong (Land)
Verschillende landen / zie objectbeschrijving
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