Caspa - Goldorak

Caspa - Goldorak
Acrylverf op doek, Gemengde techniek - Handgesigneerd - 2020

CASPA is a young German Street Art artist.

Artist: Caspa
Artwork: Mixed Media on Canvas
Title: Goldorak
Year: 2020
Style: Modern / Street Art
Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 4 cm
Size total: 58 x 58 cm
The artwork does not have a white edge but an infinity border.

It is acrylic paint, phosphorescent paint, spray paint, glicée and mixed media on premium cotton canvas. This is a unique piece. It's not a numbered edition. You'll never find another like it.

Genre: Pop Art/Street Art

Short bio:
CASPA is a German Street Art artist.
As he says about himself, he was rather bad in art class while in school. However, this changed drastically in 6th grade. He felt a lot of joy creating, designing and developing things with his hands. Caspa started out with extremely abstract drawings. Today, he creates unique works using oil paints, stencils, acrylic and spray paint. CASPA is a fan of experimenting and creating his artworks with various techniques and tools (brushes, spatulas, fabrics, concrete, wood, steel, canvas, graphic programs).

He is inspired by nature and music. Each of his works is also influenced by music... from hip-hop to classical music ... each musical style leaves its traces in the artwork. Coincidentally, CASPA has also realised that it helps him to deal with difficult situations in life. No two paintings are alike, and each of them will transport you into another world.

When he creates his works, he feels free, happy and energised. His comic artworks give him a particularly special feeling - they evoke childhood memories. These works allow the observer to go back to their childhood as well. He wants to pass on freedom and energy to others through his paintings.

CASPA: “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

Exhibition: Porsche Car Center "Love my life" , France "Power" , Dresden "Smile"

Signed and numbered by the artist.
Markings: Signed on the back, marked with wax stamp and with serial number.
Shipping per DPD rolled. Shipping in safe hard-paper roll and extra cardboard box for safe artwork shipping.
Has never been hung. Was kept protected from sunlight.

Titel van kunstwerk
Acrylverf op doek, Gemengde techniek
Zo goed als nieuw
50×50 cm
Totale afmetingen
58×58×1 cm
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