Microscopen - Zeer Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met minuscule sporen van gebruik)

Functionality: condition great(careful home, collection storage), fully operational - the lenses of the lens and the viewfinder are clean, the viewfinder's visibility is good - without distortion, the focusing work is smooth and pleasant.. Horizontal and vertical movements relative to the coordinate axes work smoothly and pleasantly.Condenser is fully functional: the iris works smoothly and clearly, the lenses are clean.On a wooden case there is no lock to close.

The second photograph is a drawing; it is provided for an objective understanding of the microscope design and is not part of the lot.

The M-10 microscope is a biological, laboratory optical device. Unique - modified condenser holder.
Microscope M-10 Fig. 1, 2, 3 is mounted on a tripod having a heavy horseshoe-shaped base 1, which ensures a stable position of the device. A tube holder 2 is mounted on a tripod using a hinge 14, on which a tube 6 and a micrometer screw 3 are located for accurate focusing. An eyepiece 5 is placed in the upper part of the tube, and a revolver 7 in the lower part. A three-slot mechanism is called a revolver. Mechanical (general) tube length adjustable from 150 mm to 200 mm. For the convenience of installing the usual tube length for biological work, a circular line is drawn on the tube at division 160.

In order for the subject in question to be clearly visible, it is necessary to install the tube of the M-10 microscope at a certain distance from it, i.e., bring it into focus. Two mechanisms serve for this purpose: a mechanism for the fast (rough) movement of the tube, driven by a macrometer screw (rack) 4, and a mechanism for slow movement of the tube, driven by a micrometer screw 3.
The stage table 9 of the M-10 microscope is used to place glasses with the objects in question. The stage is movable, which makes it possible to consider various parts of the object under study during work. Clips (terminals) 15 are placed on the stage to strengthen the glass slide.

A double-lens condenser 10 equipped with an iris diaphragm, a light filter and a mirror (flat and concave) are placed under the stage. 13. By changing the aperture size, the illumination intensity of the observed object is controlled. A flat mirror is used simultaneously with the condenser.

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Zeer Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met minuscule sporen van gebruik)
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