Masker - Hout - Yaouré / Baoulé - Ivoorkust

Masker - Hout - Yaouré / Baoulé - Ivoorkust
2e helft 20e eeuw - Goed

African Yaure/Baule Hunter Mask in wood from Ivory Coast

This mask was used in ceremonies, held at the return of hunters, to celebrate successful hunting.

Collected in Bouaflé, in Ivory Coast -

The Yaure live in Ivory Coast and are divided into three main groups, gathering about twenty villages each. The Yaure hunt baboons, antelopes and elephants. Each village is ruled by a chief, assisted by a council of elders. The Yaure language, religion, culture and art are influenced by their powerful neighbours, the Baule and the Guro. However, they have great sense of identity and have created an art which is characteristic and refined. The Yaure decorate a significant part of their objects with figurative representations, however, the pieces attesting of their genius are mainly masks. Yaure masks symbolise the yu or spiritual power. These masks depict an elongated face with semi-circular eyes, a high forehead framed by a characteristic hairdo, divided into 3 parts and topped by a crest in the shape of an animal totem, a human figure or a comb. The border of the mask is frequently crenellated.

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Etnische groep / cultuur
Yaouré / Baoulé
Regio / land
2e helft 20e eeuw
Verkocht met standaard
38,5×17×12 cm
1,09 kg
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