Hasselblad SWC + Biogon 38mm F4.5 + acc.

Hasselblad SWC + Biogon 38mm F4.5 + acc.
120 / medium formaat camera - Meerdere apparaten/lenzen - Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met zichtbare gebruikssporen)

Excellent Hasselblad SWC (1975), Fixed lens Carl Zeiss Biogon 4.5/38mm. No distortion. The Compur shutter was just checked and the slow speeds work perfectly (the invoice will be attached). The lens (black version) is in perfect condition and gives superb results. Camera is in excellent aesthetic condition with light signs of wear (especially on the sole).
It is equipped with the viewfinder of the 903 (ref. 52036), better than the original viewfinder. You can see the speed/diaphragm combination. Horizontal and vertical markers for the 4.5 x 6. Bubble level is built into the viewfinder. Another level on the camera. The back is an A12, with the numbers matching the body and film holder. Good aesthetic condition. Everything works perfectly. The camera comes with a fresnel focusing screen back to provide more accurate framing and focus (model 41025). Central cross, some marks, not annoying. They also come with the original front lens cap, the original lens hood and the original rear body cap. The leather strap is original and has signs of wear.

Meerdere apparaten/lenzen
Model/type nummer
SWC + Biogon 38mm F4.5 + acc.
Object/apparaat type
120 / medium formaat camera
Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met zichtbare gebruikssporen)
Aantal apparaten/lenzen
In werkende staat
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