Kroon (1) - Glass beads, Doek, Hout - Yoruba - Nigeria

Kroon (1) - Glass beads, Doek, Hout - Yoruba - Nigeria

Ceremonial ADE headdress - YORUBA - Nigeria

Among the Yoruba, the Ade or Adela crown is a symbol of royal authority.
In former times, the face of the Oba, the king of divine right, had to be completely hidden.
More recently, a simple curtain of beads hides his face.
Legend has it that Oduduwa, the founder of the first Yoruba kingdom in Ile Ife, gave all his sons a beaded crown before sending each to establish his own kingdom.
It was by the Oni of Ife, whose spiritual authority was recognized by all Yoruba peoples, that the most important kings were given the right to wear the beaded crown.
For the Yoruba, the Oba is deified, similar to an Orisha identified with Oduduwa and linked to the city of Ile Ife.
When the Ade is placed on the head of the Oba, it connects him with his deceased royal ancestors who have joined the pantheon of the gods.

Height: 86 cm

Height, including the stand: 105 cm

Width: 35 cm

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Doek, Glass beads, Hout
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35×86×35 in
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