Agfa AGFA Billy

Agfa AGFA Billy
Balgcamera - Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met zichtbare gebruikssporen)

AGFA Billy camera - 1930s, classic bellows folding camera.
Apertures: 6.3 - 8 - 11 - 16 - 22.
Lens: Agfa Anastigmat JGestar F: 5.6/10.5 cm
Negative format: 6 x 9 cm on a 120 roll film.
Framing through a mirror viewfinder, reversible in vertical/horizontal position.
Provided with the original leather case.

The Agfa Billy are a series of cameras produced since 1927 by AGFA, which stands for “Actien Gesellschaft für anilinFAbrikation”.

The Billy is the second AGFA model, after the Standard model produced for only one year (1926). In 1928 production also began in the USA with the American company ANSCO, which produced these cameras for the American market under license; this commercial operation brought significant growth to the German AGFA.

The Billy series came in 4 different models with different technical features:
Agfa Billy Jgetar 8.8 (1928–1930), renamed Agfa Billy I in 1931
Agfa Billy I (1931)
Agfa Billy Zero aka Agfa Speedex (1932–1937)
Agfa Billy-Clack 1937
Agfa Billy Compur (1934–1942)

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Model/type nummer
AGFA Billy
Object/apparaat type
Goed (gebruikt en in werkende staat met zichtbare gebruikssporen)
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