Kiev-Arsenal Poligonometric Teodolit "ТБ-1" (1961) USSR.

Kiev-Arsenal Poligonometric Teodolit "ТБ-1" (1961) USSR.
Landmeter apparatuur - Redelijk ( gebruikt en in beperkt werkende staat, met duidelijke sporen van gebruik/ zichtbare schade)

I am not an expert surveyor, my direction is photography, so a priori I can’t guarantee full performance due to the lack of qualifications and testing of equipment in the field, close to the parameters and characteristics of use. I describe what I see and feel, and you draw your own conclusions.

Functionality: it gives the impression of a fully functional tool - the viewfinder lenses are relatively clean, the visibility is excellent, but when illuminated with a powerful flashlight, light dustiness is visible, the viewfinder visibility is good - without distortion, the focusing zoom works smoothly and nicely. The sharpness is bright, clear and precisely pronounced, without streaks and veils. Horizontal and vertical movements relative to the coordinate axes work smoothly and pleasantly. One adjusting foot scrolls and does not lock in an adjustable position. A description of the performance is given for reference, but since I am not an expert and worry about not looking like a scam or a liar, in order to avoid complaints, this item is put up for sale as not working, like a museum or collection exhibit.

Optical theodolite TB-1 is designed to measure horizontal and vertical angles during the development of triangulation of 3-4 classes and geodetic networks for special purposes. It makes it possible to carry out polygonometric work on a three-tripod system both day and night. This device, a close copy of the German theodolite Th40, Carl Zeiss Jena.

Produced in limited quantities with the inscription TB-1 and TB1 green (until 1966) and silver (after 1966)

RMS measurements in one step, horizontal angle - 2-3 ", anti-aircraft distance - 3-4".
- increase - 25.6x;
- field of view - 1 ° 30 ′;
- light diameter of the lens 40 mm;
- exit pupil diameter 1.5 mm;
- the smallest sighting distance - 1.2 m;
- horizontal limb diameter -85 mm;
- diameter of the vertical limb - 75 mm;
- range finder coefficient - 100;
- an increase in the eyepiece - 25.5x;
- focal length of the lens - 250 mm;
- the focal length of the eyepiece is 9.8 mm.
Optical plummet:
- increase - 1.4x;
- field of view - 8 ° 17 ′;
- exit pupil diameter - 3.6 mm;
- exit pupil removal - 11 mm;
- the smallest sighting distance is 0.7 mm.
Value of division:
- vertical limb - 20 ′, horizontal - 20 ′;
- micrometer scale - 1 ″;
- the cylindrical level of the alidade of the horizontal circle is 20 ″;
- cylindrical level of a vertical circle - 25 ″;

Arsenal Plant (Kiev, USSR)

Model/type nummer
Poligonometric Teodolit "ТБ-1" (1961) USSR.
Object/apparaat type
Landmeter apparatuur
Redelijk ( gebruikt en in beperkt werkende staat, met duidelijke sporen van gebruik/ zichtbare schade)
Aantal apparaten/lenzen
In werkende staat
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