Gemengde Vlinders onder grote glazen koepel - Various named species - 39×23×23 cm

Gemengde Vlinders onder grote glazen koepel - Various named species - 39×23×23 cm
2019 - Verschillende oorsprong - non-CITES species

We hereby offer you for auction this stunning & unique Butterfly dome with 12 colorful butterflies of the finest A quality.

This dome comes from the collection: Butterfly Artwork, designed & crafted by Robert Mars ( Netherlands ) The dome is provided with the designer tag (see photos)

Carefully composed of the following species:

4 x Yellow Phoebis Rurina.
4 x Cymothoe Sangaris.
2 x Papilio Ulysses.
1 x Morpho Menelaus.
1 x Eurytides Thyastes.

Glass dome dimensions:
Height: 39cm & Width: 23cm

The Story:
Robert Mars ... a born dutch craftsman with a passion for old crafts and mother nature. With his special love for the stunning beauty of Butterflies, and inspired by artists such as Van Gogh & Damian Hirst, since 2015 Robert designed his own collection of Butterfly Artwork.

Some important notes:

* Since all works of art are extremely fragile, a lot of attention is paid to packaging and shipping. Double-sided corrugated cardboard boxes are always used, packed in the double box system and filled with biological filling material.

* All of the real Butterflies and insects used in these Butterfly Artworks have been raised on natural cruelty free tropical farms around the world.

Gemengde Vlinders
onder grote glazen koepel
Wetenschappelijke naam
Various named species
Verschillende oorsprong
CITES relavantie
non-CITES species
39×23×23 cm
2,3 kg
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