Ghoum - Tapijt - 154 cm - 100 cm

Ghoum - Tapijt - 154 cm - 100 cm
Zijde op zijde, Medaillon met paradijsvogels tijdens de vlucht - Iran - Eind 20e eeuw

This wonderful Ghoum (Qom), masterfully and entirely knotted in precious silk, is characterised by the presence of sixteen splendid polychrome birds in flight that adorn the outline of the refined and sumptuous blue medallion embellished with two elegant pendants. These are Birds of Paradise (called Homa in Persian) which according to a famous legend are in perpetual flight between heaven and earth, between visible and invisible, to reveal to men divine truths that are otherwise unattainable, and which according to another more recent popular legend - given that for the fulfilment of their supernatural functions they do not need to touch the ground or to rest on a branch - they were imagined without legs (paradoxically their scientific name Paradisaea "apoda", that is without legs, reflects precisely this legend). It is for this reason that the cultured Ustad (i.e. the Persian artist whose creativity and inspiration is due to the ingenious design of the carpet), wanting to take into account both legends, depicted 4 of the 16 Birds of Paradise without legs, framing and decorate the medallion and its two pendants. The red field (symbol of happiness) is magically adorned with branches of colourful flowers and is superbly framed by a garland of polychrome flowers. In the four cantons there is an unusual shaped vase with predominantly blue flowers (symbol of divinity). The blue border (the colour is a symbol of power) hosts a wonderful sinuous intertwining of colourful flowers and flowering branches on which couples of birds are placed alternately and repeatedly facing each other as a sign of protection and prosperity. The Qum, which has a knot density of about 900,000 knots per square metre, is a collector's item for connoisseurs, has never been used and was imported into the EU before 04/04/2000. The original certificate of authenticity is available.

154 cm
100 cm
Medaillon met paradijsvogels tijdens de vlucht, Zijde op zijde
Land van herkomst
Eind 20e eeuw
In zeer goede staat
Professioneel schoongemaakt tapijt
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