Ferdinand Pire Ferdinand (1943) - Marine

Ferdinand Pire Ferdinand (1943) - Marine
Olieverf op doek - Handgesigneerd - + - 1985

Very beautiful marine painting by Ferdinand Pire Ferdinand.
Ferdinand Pire was born in Brussels in 1943 into a family of painters. He was trained by his father, Marcel, and then at the academies in Brussels and Cape Town. As a teenager, he painted landscapes and scenes of African life in Congo and South Africa.

On his return to Europe, and until 1980, painter of chiaroscuro . He was influenced by his Italian stay. After a Fauve period of contemporary intimacy and in full knowledge of his craft as an oil painter, Ferdinand Pire discovered the glomyized technique, through the work of Floris Jespers, his predecessor in Belgium, who died in 1965. He then sets out, out of curiosity first, then passionately, to find for himself all the secrets and complex alchemy of this little-known and arduous technique. He gradually achieved total mastery, which enabled him, as early as 1987, to go beyond the technique to reach the highest artistic level.

A retrospective of thirty years of painting was dedicated to him in 1989.
In April 1999, a retrospective of ten years of creation related to painting under verre églomisé took place in the prestigious setting of Brussels City Hall, Grand-Place, chaired by an important honouring and supporting committee.

+ - 1985
Ferdinand Pire Ferdinand (1943)
Titel van kunstwerk
Olieverf op doek
In zeer goede staat
Verkoop met lijst
30×40 cm
Totale afmetingen
5×55×45 cm
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