Argante Giant Sulphur Butterflies under glass dome - Phoebis argante - 21×13×13 cm

Argante Giant Sulphur Butterflies under glass dome - Phoebis argante - 21×13×13 cm
2019 - Colombia - non-CITES species

Glass Dome with 3 Phoebis argante Butterflies, designed & crafted by Robert Mars ( see tag )

Stunning dome filled with the tropical Phoebis argante butterflies.

The subfamily Coliadinae includes the Sulphurs, Grass Yellows, Clouded Yellows and Brimstones. In the neotropical region there are about 70 species.
The genus Phoebis comprises of 8 species, most of which are strongly migratory in behaviour. They are widely distributed across the region, with 3 exceptions : avellaneda which is endemic to Cuba, editha from Haiti, and the Ecuadorian species bourkei.

All Phoebis species are sexually dimorphic. Males are bright yellow above, with a thick patch of matt androconial scales around the forewing cell. Females are paler on both wing surfaces.

Phoebis argante is found from Mexico to Uruguay, and also occurs on most of the larger islands of the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Hispaniola and Cuba.

Dimensions Glass Dome:
Height: 21cm
Width: 13cm
This Glass Dome is a real Clayre & Eef Dome, with solid dome base and A quality pure glass (heavy)

The butterflies are not wild-caught but farmed to create this piece.

Is shipped with extreme care and sent by registered post

Argante Giant Sulphur Butterflies
under glass dome
Wetenschappelijke naam
Phoebis argante
CITES relavantie
non-CITES species
21×13×13 cm
1,8 kg
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