Opaal Gepolijste - 20×13×4.3 mm - 1.6 g - (1)

Opaal Gepolijste - 20×13×4.3 mm - 1.6 g - (1)
Australië, Australië

Australian 8.45cts Multi color Opal Triplet

Shape: free form
Identification: Natural Opal

Size: 20 x 13 x 4.3 mm
Grams: 1.6

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Please read:
The opal triplet gets its name from the fact that there are three components that make it up: a thin piece of a crystal opal that is sandwiched between a top layer of something transparent and a backing that is black. Typically, this top layer is created from plastic, glass, or quartz, while the black backing is typically made from artificial resin or black potch. Opaline triplets are cut with a very thin type of blade. They use a cutting machine that has a metal block that is about 4 inches long and has about 100 cutting wires which are extremely thin wires.

Black backing is used in this setup because it does a great job of enhancing the color of the opal layer, which makes the piece truly great. The clear top layer is added on top as a way to protect the piece, making it more durable for a person wearing it. Because of these components working together to make the opal triplet, this is a perfect stone option for rings.

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Australisch 8,45 cts meerkleurig opaal triplet
20×13×4,3 mm
1,6 g
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