Senza marchio - Napolitaanse kerststal - eind 1800 - Italië

Senza marchio - Napolitaanse kerststal - eind 1800 - Italië
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Neapolitan crib doll from the late 1800.
Legs, pelvis and arms are made of wood; torso and head are in painted terracotta and the back part of the torso is in wood.
The hair is real.
The hand-embroidered lace dress has many elements and different layers. The back, less elaborate, shows some signs of ageing, visible in the photos; the lace has some damages.

This doll is a rare example of the Neapolitan crib art. Due to the fragility of the materials used in these works, there are few specimens preserved so well after more than one century.

Height: 42 cm.

Senza marchio
Napolitaanse kerststal - eind 1800
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Zonder originele verpakking
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