Planetaire achondrite - 13.4×8.1×9.5 mm - 1.43 g - (1)

Planetaire achondrite - 13.4×8.1×9.5 mm - 1.43 g - (1)
Algerije, Afrika

Lunar meteorites, also called lunaites, are achondritic meteorites that originated from the Moon and fell to Earth. This can happen as a result of a strong meteor impact on the Moon that can splash rock fragments into space.

In particular, this one presented by us is a small outer fragment of a larger meteorite named NWA 11273 of lunar type.

The asteroid in question found in the Sahara Desert in 2017 has been classified as a feldspathic breach by the University of Washington.

Weight: 1.43 g

Important notes to read:
- the following item comes from one of my private collections, was purchased from an IMCA member, will be sold along with the certificate of authenticity signed by this member (number of the IMCA member from which the meteorite was purchased: #3503);
- photos are an integral part of the presentation and description, so take a look to get a clearer idea of the item, they were taken with the help of LEDs and macro lenses to enhance the characteristics of the stone;
- any customs costs of shipments to non-European countries are borne by the buyer who must inquire in advance before making any offers.
- Genuine product.

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Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Planetaire achondrite
13,4×8,1×9,5 mm
1,43 g
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