GEBIED VAN DE HEMEL (4.500 jaar) Argentinië Metaalmeteoriet - 18.9×21.1×45.5 mm - 73.4 g - (1)

GEBIED VAN DE HEMEL (4.500 jaar) Argentinië Metaalmeteoriet - 18.9×21.1×45.5 mm - 73.4 g - (1)
De chaco, Argentinië


Meteorite auction.
Number of items: 1

Meteorite: Campo del Cielo
Dimensions: 18.90 x 21.10 x 45.50 mm... The magnet shown in one photo is 1 cm, as an illustrative reference for the dimensions.
Weight: 73.40 grams.
Supplement: unique shape.
Country: Argentina.

The Campo de Cielo meteorite came to Earth approximately 4,500 years ago, falling in present-day Argentina; the largest known metallic meteor shower ever. It was used by the pre-Columbian peoples to manufacture metal utensils, and it really amazed the Spaniards upon their arrival in America.

This meteorite features the extreme beauty of a meteorite, which is special given its uniqueness and its diverse shape, and it also has a moving part, rare diversity and scarce.

A great addition to your collection.

We are IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association) members, so all our products have a maximum relevance and are guaranteed for life, providing in each shipment a certificate of authenticity.

Classification: 92.6% iron, 6.68% nickel, 0.43 cobalt, 0.25% phosphorus, 87 ppm gallium and 407 ppm germanium.

Owning a meteorite means having a small fragment of the universe.

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Aantal items
Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
GEBIED VAN DE HEMEL (4.500 jaar) Argentinië
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
18,9×21,1×45,5 mm
73,4 g
Oorsprong (Regio/Stad)
De chaco
Oorsprong (Land)
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