METEORIET DRONINO - ATAXIET - 45×23×18 mm - 60.1 g

METEORIET DRONINO - ATAXIET - 45×23×18 mm - 60.1 g
Dronino, Rusland

Superb piece of ‘DRONINO’ meteorite with a beautiful fusion crust and beautiful inlays...

Size: 45 x 23 x 18 mm.
Weight: 60.1 g.

‘ATAXITE’ type metallic meteorite.

Because of their unusual structure, Ataxites do not reveal Widmanstätten patterns when treated with acid.
Instead they display an extremely lovely and unusual silvery grey matte finish, with small inclusions.

A 40 kg iron piece was found by Oleg Gus'kov in 2000 on his way home from mushroom collecting near the village of Dronino in Ryazan district. In early 2003, it was taken to Vernad and identified as a meteorite. In summer 2003, scientific expeditions and meteorite hunters collected more than 600 fragments (the largest is 250 kg) totalling about 3,000 kg and occurring at a depth of 0.2–2 m across an area of 0.5 x 1.5 km. The distribution of the fragments suggests that the meteorite formed a now-buried crater about 30 m in diameter. This crater is not reflected in present-day topography and appears likely that the meteorite fell earlier, when the area was largely unpopulated.

Only shipped by registered shipment.

Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
45×23×18 mm
60,1 g
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