Condrita Carbonacea Type CV3, met CAI's (oudste stof in het zonnestelsel) - 25.1 g

Condrita Carbonacea Type CV3, met CAI's (oudste stof in het zonnestelsel) - 25.1 g
Sahara, Marokko

Nice piece of carbonaceous chondrite where you can see the chondrules, the original crust of the meteorite and CAI. Delivered with a display box

The carbonaceous chondrites contain amino acids and water in their composition, being perhaps the most amazing meteorites at a scientific level that we can have in our hands, since the latest studies suggest that they were the ones that sowed, with their amino acids and high carbon content, Life on earth

CAI´s (Calcium-Aluminium) are the oldest substances in the Solar System.

They are very scarce, barely representing 4.8% of the meteorites found, so they rarely go on sale.

Chondrites are the oldest materials in the Solar System, with an estimated formation age of 4,550 million years.

The characteristic of chondrites is the presence of chondrules, small balls of millimetres in size, largely composed of silicates.
The standard model for its initial formation is that they occur during the condensation of the solar nebula, of the cosmic dust.

The chondrules are considered to be the first elements from which the planets are formed.

Delivered with exhibitor box

At Expometeoritos, we take care of the dissemination, talks, workshops, analysis, classification and exhibitions of Meteorites.

We are members of:
.- IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association) #8187
.- Meteoritical Society
.- American Meteor Society

All our pieces are certified and we also deliver the analysis of the chemical composition if the value of the piece exceeds €300, carried out in our facilities by X-ray Spectrography.

Belangrijkste mineraal / Naam meteoriet
Condrita Carbonacea
Minerale vorm / Soort meteoriet
Type CV3, met CAI's (oudste stof in het zonnestelsel)
dunne plaat
25,1 g
Oorsprong (Regio/Stad)
Oorsprong (Land)
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